Enjoy a few beautiful days with us in the middle of the Eifel and in close to the Nürburgring. Here the unique tranquility of nature is combined with the exciting world of international racing!
Our direct surroundings are characterized by the barren soils of the mountain ridges, which made it possible for a unique heath landscape - the Wacholderheide - to develop here.
In addition, generous forests spread around the Hohe Acht, the highest mountain in the Eifel at 747 metres, are also fascinating. In the middle of this forest is the most famous and most demanding race track in Europe - the Nürburgring. With this reputation and the surrounding area, it seems only logical that it is widely known as the "Green Hell".
Furthermore, the numerous castles and palaces are worth a visit! Especially along the rivers Rhine and Moselle, which border the Eifel, they can be explored. You should enjoy a glass or two of wine on the Moselle, but also on the nearby Ahr.

Langenfeld, a small Eifel village where world religions meet!
On the one hand the Kamalashila Institute for Buddhist Studies, which is located door-to-door to our holiday home, and on the other hand, at the end of the street, the imposing Catholic Church. This is known far beyond Langenfeld as the "Eifeldom". A visit to both houses of faith is a "must" if you visit the region.
In addition, you should descend in the pit Bendisberg, in the district St. Jost, and explore the different tunnels. Afterwards it is a good idea to stop at the two local pubs.
Langenfeld also offers two restaurants and there is a grocery store in Arft, about 1km away. A cash dispenser of the Sparkasse is also in Langenfeld.