Stupa Kamalashila InstitutlinkKamalashila Institut
Right next to our vacation home - almost next door - is the Kamalashila Institute for Buddhist Studies located. There you can get an insight into a unique world religion through meditation and Buddhist studies. Especially remarkable and worth seeing is the peace stupa in the garden of the institute. This extraordinary sight is a real eye-catcher and gives a touch of Asia in the middle of the Eifel.
Meditations and courses are offered throughout the year.

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NürburgNürburglink linkNurburg / Nurburg circuit
Approximately 14 km from Langenfeld is one of the most famous and certainly also most demanding race tracks, the Nürburgring. Due to its location in the middle of the Eifel, it is also known as the “Green Hell”.
Since 1927 the race track, which circles the ruins of the Nürburg castle, has gained a unique reputation. However, in addition to the numerous racing events, this reputation is also marked by the famous "Rock am Ring" festival. A visit is not only a must for motorsport fans!

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WacholderheideWacholderweglinkTraumpfade (Dream paths)
Around Langenfeld, the numerous, well-developed Traumpfade and Traumpfädchen offer every passionate hiker the chance to discover the beautiful nature of the Eifel.
Especially the Wacholder Weg, which passes directly by Langenfeld, offers the opportunity to explore this unique heath landscape. In order to meet all requirements, both demanding Traumpfade and shorter Traumpfädchen can be hiked.
The Traumpfade app compiles all the necessary information about the circular trails in a compact format.

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Besucherbergwerk Bendisberg link

Bendisberg Visitor Mine
Not far from Langenfeld, in the district of St. Jost, is the Grube Bendisberg visitor mine. Guided tours can be arranged here to descend into the interior of the Eifel. Here you can get an insight into the daily work of the miners, who have been mining ores here for decades. Due to the size of the mine, different guided tours can be offered, which allow some exciting hours. Apart from the regular guided tours on the weekend, there is the possibility to book other guided tours from Tuesday to Friday after registration.

Furthermore, the pilgrimage chapel in St. Jost with its baroque altar is a jewel worth seeing.

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Schloß BürresheimlinkBürresheim castle and palace complex
In the middle of Nettetal, close to the city of Mayen, is the castle and palace complex Bürresheim. It should definitely be on the excursion program of every Eifel holidaymaker. Constructed in the 12th century, the castle has been never destroyed and you can visit there numerous of extraordinary antiques from different eras. During a visit you should definitely take a look at the gardens.




Maria LaachlinkAbbey Maria Laach / Lake Laach
The Benedictine abbey Maria Laach, which is located directly on the shore of the lake Laacher See, impresses with its unique six-towered monastery church and the cloister belonging to it.
The church represents one of the most impressive and beautiful monuments of Romanesque architecture, which should not only be visited by architecture lovers. A short walk to the Laacher See is also worthwhile. If you walk around it, you can observe the volcanic activity in the form of rising carbon dioxide on the south-eastern shore.

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GenovevaburglinkGenoveva Castle Mayen
Built around 1280 by the Archbishop of Trier, Heinrich von Fistingen, the Genovevaburg is one of the landmarks of the city of Mayen. The face of the present complex is characterized by the eventful history of siege, destruction and reconstruction.
The Genovevaburg is home to the Eifelmuseum Mayen, which introduces the visitor to the country, people, history, geology and customs of the region on several exhibition levels.
Every year, the castle is also the setting for the theatre performances of the Burgfestspiele, which are known beyond the borders of the region. Well-known actors perform in the castle.




Forest Lake Rehbach, Rieden
From Langenfeld you can reach the Waldsee Rehbach by foot. An about 7km long hike leads to the shore of the small bathing lake.
The "Riedener Waldsee", as it is also called, was created in 1982 and has since been awarded the title of "European Bathing Water". Numerous day trippers relax on the shore of the small lake in summer. Furthermore, the "Riedener Waldsee" is the starting point for the Traumpfad "Riedener Waldsee" as well as for the geological path "Riedener Kessel".




burgeltz1Eltz Castle
Eltz Castle is the German model castle. For many years it was shown on the 500 DM note and numerous school classes walked up and down the castle path.
In the beautiful Eltzbachtal valley, the castle rises into the sky. In 1268 it was divided among three heirs to avoid inheritance disputes. Each of the heirs further expanded his area of the castle, which led to a dense development of the complex with towers and oriels, which characterizes the present face of the castle.

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Picture: © Eddi Simon


burgCochemReichsburg Cochem
The Reichsburg Cochem, which is located above the Moselle wine town Cochem, should also be visited. Its construction is probably dated to the 12th century.
Its present appearance, however, dates back to the middle of the 19th century, when a wealthy Berlin merchant had it rebuilt in the taste of the castle's romanticism of the time.

Bild: © Heike Krämer




MoseltalThe Mosel Valley
The Moselle valley is one of the excellent tourist attractions in Germany. Romantically enchanted wine villages and historical sites from all eras invite you to stay.
Especially the well-developed cycle paths offer to all cyclists the opportunity to explore this historic river. Numerous ostrich taverns, restaurants and cafés invite walkers and cyclists to taste Moselle specialties. A wine tasting of the excellent and world-famous Moselle wines should be part of every excursion.



AhrtalThe Ahr Valley
After a journey of less than 30 kilometer from Langenfeld, you reach the small town of Altenahr. From here you can ideally explore the Ahr valley.
The traveler can visit an ancient cultural landscape. Vineyards, forests, rugged mountain slopes and sunny river meadows characterize the landscape. The Ahr valley offers a multitude of sights for hikers, cyclists and car tourists alike.